So, what is “IT” that makes a GOOD party?!

If only I had a dollar for every time I asked myself this question while planning a party/event etc! (Geez I’d be rich!). How many times have you had a vision of your event and by the day-of nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is what you had envisioned? Whether it was that you wanted to have a particular “feeling” for your event, or a schedule you wanted to follow, it is perfectly normal for things to go wrong. In fact, count on just that to happen! If you can prepare yourself mentally for the fact that “nothing is ever going to be perfect” (how many times did you hear that growing up?) I guarantee that you will have a better time at your own event!

There are a few basics to keep in mind when planning your party or event, and they apply to any size or theme. First and foremost, remember to ALLOW yourself to have a good time, this will in turn allow your guests to have a good time as they will see you enjoying all that you have slaved over!

But where do I start?

This is easy! After you have selected the date for your event, whether it be a birthday, wedding, dinner party or just a gathering with friends and family, you need to select your THEMEEvery party is better with a theme, it helps to set the tone for the day, and believe it or not it also helps to keep you better organized. So what do you feel like doing? Are you up for an all out costume party, or would you rather the food be the star of the show? Remember to take in to account the people who will be there. You don’t want to host a costume party if your group of friends aren’t ones to get dressed up and into the fun. Once you have your theme sorted out you can really start the planning!

Wait, I thought after picking my theme I was done…what do you mean plan!?

Okay, it really sounds a lot scarier than it is! This is the most enjoyable part of the entire process, it is where you can really put your own flair on things! It includes your menu, your details, music etc! For the purpose of the article, lets say you chose to throw a Wine and Cheese party for your friends before the summer ends (what a SCARY thought that Fall is right around the corner…). Now, you will first need to figure out if you want to just serve cheese and crackers with the wine, or do you want to have a full meal for them to enjoy. Weigh both options, perhaps by physically writing out your pros and cons and comparing them to come to your decision!


If you want to do a full meal, are you prepared for the difference in time and money it will take to pull it off? If you choose to only do cheese pairings with the wine, are you going to give 1-2 options per wine or do you want more? Will you put out individual boards for your guests or have one communal one for everyone to share? Remember, there is nothing saying that this has to be an EXTRAVAGANT event, you can ask guests to bring their own favourite wine and cheese pairings to share with everyone! 

So, now that you have narrowed it down to the theme and mood that you want for your event, and perhaps you have even begun to settle on your menu, it is time to move on to the small details that really separate your party from the others!

It’s all about the DETAILS baby! 

Quick, what do you think of when you hear Wine and Cheese party (besides the obvious!). Immediately my mind wanders off to the cheese boards, cheese knives, wine glasses, table cloths and the lighting! Didn’t get all those? Don’t worry! Remember at the beginning of the post I mentioned that the most important thing about throwing a party is to allow yourself a good time? Right! Well, your guests will NEVER know you hadn’t thought of the lighting if your focus was instead on the table itself, because you will be so darn proud of that table and it will show!

So back to the details! There are so many fantastic stores you can find beautiful cheeseboards and knives at, whether you want to buy local or from a big box store is up to you (although I prefer to support our local artisans!). This applies for any theme party you are throwing, you can get your decor from the party store in town, make your own, or even have a local vendor create something special just for you! Have you ever heard of Pintrest…USE IT! It will help to get your creative juices flowing, and inspire you with hundreds of photos/pages to browse (although be careful, you can sometimes get overwhelmed and carried away!).

For the wine glasses/table cloths (or in your parties case, serving ware/table cloths/chairs etc) you can choose to use what you already have around the house to keep the costs down, or you can go all out and get some new ones! Any party that you throw can be as BIG (maybe you want an ice sculpture for your kids Frozen birthday party…or an exotic animal show for their zoo-errific back to school party) or as small as you want it to be (how about having the kids make their own snowflakes out of paper…or bring their favourite stuffed animal instead!) , there is no rule saying that every aspect of every party HAS to be purchased brand new just for that event (and if you have a crazy mother in law, or estranged aunt that tells you it needs to be, you can “accidentally” misplace their invite). Set the table, chill the wine (well the white anyways!) and make sure your cheese is at room temperature and you are almost ready to go!

There are just a few other ideas for the wine party details that need to be sorted (these can be used for any party as long as you fit it to your theme!):

  • Candles (why not splurge on those Merlot ones you saw at the designer store in the city!)
  • Take-aways for your guests (why not do a bottle opener with a set of glasses) *Don’t worry, I will do an entire post on take-aways (or favours as we call them) and give you a TON of ideas for any party!*
  • Games (I know it seems a little strange for a “grown up” party, but everyone loves a good laugh! Why not get creative with this one and play a tasting game with them…who can get the wine correctly matched to its region, or the cheese to its maker!)
  • Music! Set the mood here guys! Do you want a Jazzy feel, or are you feeling a little more contemporary? (Again, as with the theme, let the music you pick really speak to the people you are inviting!)

Okay, so how are you feeling? Ready to tackle the world!? You have your theme picked, your mood set, your details sorted, and your wine is chilling (or maybe it’s a nice rhubarb lemonade for your summer BBQ). There is nothing more for you to do…

That’s it! Really, I promise! Simple right? Remember to mentally prepare yourself for the party (maybe slip your favourite artist into the player and dance around in your new outfit before the guests arrive! Light the candles, have a glass or two, and just enjoy). Stay tuned for next weeks post, a BIG carnival for my hubby’s 30th birthday!

Remember, everybody needs a little more creativity in their lives ❤

Enjoying our wine by the fire after a long night! Party planning is fun and exhausting all at the same time!

Enjoying our wine by the fire after a long night! Party planning is fun and exhausting all at the same time!

Do you need some ideas for a “theme” for your party?! Send me an email or comment below and I will help you get inspired with fun themes for every age!

That’s so Tiffany!!

Wow, here it is, my first blog post! 

Although wedding season has already reached its peak for the year, I thought it would be fun to share a bridal shower I threw for my older sister last year! The theme was Breakfast at Tiffany’s (which was fitting seeing as how her name is Tiffany and she is OBSESSED with the 1961 film staring no other than Audrey Hepburn herself). Of course we requested on the invitation that the ladies come in their favorite little black dress (LBD) and prepare themselves for an afternoon of glamorous fun! Little did we know the type of weather (and heat) we would be facing…

Here we are, that's me on the left! My sister aka The Bride is in the center, and her best friend/bridesmaid/sister by association is on the right! (Notice the sun streaking across our faces even under the I umbrella!)

Here we are, that’s me on the left! My sister aka The Bride is in the center, and her best friend/bridesmaid/sister by association is on the right! (Notice the sun streaking across our faces even under the umbrella!)

I can vividly remember dancing for the sun God’s and praying that the rain they had been calling for all week would stay away (at least between the hours of 1-4 for this outdoor shower)! And boy did it work! If you can believe it we had 30+(Celsius) with hardly a cloud in the sky! Here I was thinking my dancing was terrible… Well I guess it can’t be that bad!

Anyways, enough with the blabbering! Let me share with you all my vision for the day, including the decor as well as some very fun shower games!

Balloon Pathway

Floating balloons welcomed guests to the backyard.

Floating balloons welcomed guests to the backyard.

These balloons made such a stunning statement, and were SUPER easy and cheap to set up! Now, like most of you, I don’t have a helium tank at home so I went to my local party store and ordered one of their balloon bouquets (which cost me about $15 for 12 balloons). To get them to stick in the ground, and appear to be floating, I attached them to golf tees and gently pushed them into my lawn. And Voila!


Welcome sign for the guests

Welcome sign for the guests

A couple years back I had a “Dead Celebrity Birthday Party” (I will do a post on that one closer to Halloween!) and my sister came dressed as…you guessed it, Audrey Hepburn! It worked out perfectly for the welcome sign we had in mind for the entrance gate! You can use foam board (or a small cut of plywood) to make your own. Paint it in the colour that goes with your theme and insert a photo of the guest of honour in the center! Then decorate it as you see fit. We added some bling as it went perfectly with the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme!


  1. What would you do if…
One of the games we played at the shower, you can see her guests answer to the question above! (This was the WINNER)

One of the games we played at the shower, you can see her guests answer to the question above! (This was the WINNER)

This is a GREAT game for any bridal shower (or even baby shower)! You select a few scenarios relevant to the event, so in our case “what would you do if… you accidentally bumped into the wedding cake, You walked in on the Best Man and Maid of Honour in the coat room, The groom had too much to drink before the Big Speech?” All the guests will get a kick out of coming up with the best answer (as chosen by the guest of honour) and you will have a good laugh to share with everyone there!

2. Bridal Panty Poem

Undies for the bride-to-be

Undies for the bride-to-be

This was a fantastic game that we (the bridesmaids) put together for the bride! The guests got to sit back and relax as she pulled undies matching the poem out of a gift bag! Everyone ooed and awwed at the first couple, and as the game went on, erupted in laughter as we ended with the infamous “Granny Panty”! You can just use your search engine to find the template for this one by searching “Bridal Panty Poem”.

3. Panty Hose Game

If you're looking for a different, fun game...THIS IS IT!

If you’re looking for a different, fun game…THIS IS IT!

This is the game we used as the party opener! It really gets your guests cheering for their team and leaves them with something to talk about afterwards while you get your other games/food ready! And talk about inexpensive! All you need is a few pairs of panty hose and oven gloves (which I purchased at the dollar store). The rules are simple, you put the girls into groups of 4-6 depending on your numbers, then you have them nominate 1 girl WITHOUT letting them know what the game is. Once each group has their girl in the middle of the room, or lawn, you hand them their tools and explain the the first one to get the panty hose all the way up to their waist (all while wearing the oven gloves) wins a prize for their entire group! Then you can sit back and LOL while you watch them struggle!

Finally I wanted to share with you all the beautiful cake and mini candy buffet that we had set up for dessert/take-away!



We chose to do a simple candy buffet, in the Tiffany Blue theme as a take-away for her guests. You can really go crazy with this, it is so easy to pick a colour for your party and buy buy buy! The delicious cake was made by @artsybaker, and went perfectly with the theme. Although pricey, it was the one item we chose to splurge on so the guests could enjoy! Who wouldn’t love a strawberry cake with lemon creme filling on a hot summers day?

And that my friends is The End of my first post! I truly hope that you found my ideas an inspiration, and can now take it into your own hands to create an event that your family and friends will never forget! After all, everybody needs a little more creativity in their life ❤


(If you enjoyed my post, and are loving my blog, please share with your friends and family! That is the best compliment a blogger can receive!)


Welcome to my newest adventure!

On my blog you’ll find creative ideas for celebrating those special events in your life, as well as inspiration for your everyday adventures!

All posts are done by me personally, with as much direction and instruction as possible to make it even easier for you to duplicate! I’ll be posting things from themed parties hosted by yours truly and my loving hubby, as well as our wacky food adventures and everyday life with our dog Tehya!

I truly hope you enjoy your time here and hope that you find my ideas and events inspiring. Everybody needs a little more creativity in their life ❤