This was a very easy project! If you missed how to make the signs click here for detailed instructions Popcorn Sign

Fortune Teller

You will need a couple of things to make this happen! I used an existing vase I had from one of the previous candy buffets I made, it was large enough to hold about 70 of the fortune cookies. I placed it on a folding TV table as I really didn’t need much space for it (and it was going on the deck so I wanted enough room for people to be able to walk around it!).

Believe it or not I found the cookies themselves at the bulk food store! I had looked at the grocery store (who wanted $10 for a container with maybe 2o in it!) and decided it couldn’t hurt to check the bulk store! Thank goodness too, for that entire batch you see it only cost me $5 (I didn’t even need to use my coupon on it). I sprinkled a few on the table around the base of the vase just so it didn’t look too bare, if you wanted to you could always set a couple smaller bowls around the base and fill them with the cookies to add some depth!