Pennant Signs/Banner

Here are the things you will need to make these:

*Foam letters (unless you are really artsy…then you can just use a thick marker!)

*Scrapbook paper (any colour/theme you like)


*Paint sticks (or long wooden smore sticks)


These are really quite simple to make, and add so much character to any event! First off you will have to cut your paper into equal size triangles (I used a ruler to measure out my first ones and then traced the others to make it go faster). Once you have enough pennants you can start assembling! I did one for each of the “larger” games to draw attention to them in the lawn, as well as a large banner around the deck.

You will have to use a larger piece of ribbon or string than you think you need (I gave myself a good foot on either end for tying purposes). Flip your pennants over and start gluing to the ribbon, making sure you have them in a nice flat area for drying (they will require a good 24 hours). You can alternate your colours into a nice pattern, as I did for the deck banner, or just randomize it!


Once you have each section assembled you can add your foam letters. I purchased a peel and stick box from my local department store (about $5 and it comes with HUNDREDS!). Again, you can do all one colour or alternate your letters for effect! When I was done each of the banners I then tied them to large paint sticks. You can get these at any hardware store (for free) and they make a nice sturdy stand for the banner.

The trickiest part of these was getting them to stay upright in the lawn. We had SEVERE heat for the week up to the party so our ground was ROCK solid! We used a garden spade (the type you would use for planting bulbs, long and skinny) and pounded it into the ground using a mallet before sticking the signs in. They managed to stay up for the entire party…and actually I think there is still one or two in the back corner of the yard…Ooops!

IMG_4524 (2)

Just to add quickly, I also did a “mini” version using rub on letters to make a cute banner for my husbands cake! It turned out so cute and really added to the cake! (Yes those are animal crackers on the cake…it is ALL about the details baby)!